Welcome to my blog and welcome to my hometown! Birmingham, Alabama! Beautifully situated at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, our city has undergone many changes and improvements in the past 2 decades. We pride ourselves in the green space that we enjoy. We are also home to great neighborhoods, restaurants, and churches. Without a doubt, we are the Magic City because of the PEOPLE! Many of us were born and raised here, and never wanted to leave because this is HOME! Others have come to Birmingham because of it's medical research and outstanding hospitals. Whether a job transfer brings you here, or your own health or that of a family member, our city ranks among the best in the world as caregivers! We are home to one of the finest Children's Hospitals as well, which brings a great big smile to my face as I write this! 

Visitors to Birmingham will find a wonderful blend of old and new. From the downtown historic districts, to the up and coming breweries, Regions Ball Park, Railroad Park and our music scene, Birmingham is a great place to call HOME! Call me so I can show you or tell you more!!!